24. marts 2020


Simple explanation:

  • Access, in/out through veins/artery in groin of the patient
  • In groin + initiation of adapted Catoli One.
  • The venous blood of the patient can be drained to a reservoir.
  • Catoli One can restore or preserve blood circulation of the body,
    The blood can be oxygenated in a oxygenator.
  • The blood is pumped back into patients arterial vascular system.
  • 1000 signals per second to the machine. Bubble-detection, which can become diving-illness.
red vehicle in timelapse photography
Patient on the way to hospital, connected to Mini-Mobile Heartlung machine,
prototype of Catoli One. The security is top-class.
Life-saving treatment start-up at the spot.

With prototype of Catoli One, rescuing can start-up at the spot, or begin in the Rescue-vehicle-, Helicopters-, Airplanes-, Rescue-boats- or similar.

Ensure the patient at the accident scene in any event.
Ensure the patient during the transport to hospital.
Ensure patient, doctors and staff in secondary hospitals.
Ensure some of the patients by scanning.
Ensure the operations.
Ensure the staff, doctors and patient when the Recue-Vechicle arrive.
Ensure the staff, doctors and patient when more power is needed.

Ensure the staff, doctors and patient in many difficult situations.