24. marts 2020


Life requires blood-circulation.

Acute cardiovascular disease is one of the most frequent causes of death worldwide. Circulatory collapse often occur suddenly and unexpected.

Treatment with mechanical support for blood circulation and/or oxygenation is often immediately necessary.

Major hospitals have had stationary heartlung machines for years. The weight is often more than 300 kg. Therefore, patients have always have been brought to the machine. Now, groundbreaking development has solved this problem with the mini-mobile heartlung machine.

The prototype of Catoli One has been used in both Danish hospitals Aarhus University, Skejby and Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg for many years as part of ECLS/ECMO treatment.

ECLS = Extracorporeal Life Support,
ECMO = Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation.

Generally speaking, the mini-mobile heartlung machine can take over the function of the heart or heartlung outside the body.

Thoracic surgery:
Many reports state, that the mini-mobile heartlung machine often represents life saving results, during thoracic surgical procedures; also in case of very complex surgery by way of intraoperative application of extracorporeal mechanical support.

Doctors agree, that the technique of extracorporeal lung support has life-saving results in acute situations. Therefore, the mini-mobile machine can help ADRS patients if the body can not obtain enough oxygen by normal procedure.

ARDS = Acute respiratory distress Syntome.

The prototype of Catoli One has proven to be value for money in many ways, e.g. by saving lives all over Denmark, by improving the life quality for others and by being standby for doctors.