24. marts 2020


A competent team are behind. Supplied the first Baby-ambulance in Europe, as well as the first Rescue-ambulance in Denmark and first special-ambulance as well. All the vihicles included accessories was given away as a gift to Region North, Jutland in Denmark.

The first patient was operated in 1972 by stationary heartlung machine after transportation to the machine.

Often get patient very sick, risk dieing if no treatment, important to have CATOLI ready.

Heart faliure is one of the dangerous sickness worldvide. Life require blood circultion.

After app. 50 years seem some of the problems to be solved. Patient do not need waiting any more for their turn, at stationary machine. Weigth around 300 kg. The patient have always been transported to the machine. Only at major hospital was the stationary machine installed. No one at nomerous of secondary hospital. (Denmark).

However, fabulous revolution has happen, we succed having only app. 4 kg to the machine. CATOLI is handheld, so the staff can esay and rapid bring it out where the patient are. Carry Aid To Life.

Unfortunately, generally is defibrilator not enough.

Mountains, roads, airplane, flood, water, colapsed building, is unimportant fore rescueteam, effective in- as well as outide.

In 2020 have doctors succeed looking into new angle for using the “inside” CATOLI prototype, with superb result via the small pump: Now are human being able to have a “By-pass” operation, even without Respirator. The doctors agreed: in the nearest future will 75% of all By-pass operations, be carry out as tried. This will breadth of knowledge to CATOLI.


Life require blood-circulation. Acute cardiovascular disease is one of the most frequent causes of death worldwide. Circulatory collapse often occur suddenly and unexpected, are´nt the neighbour always. Treatment with mechanical support for blood-circulation is often immediately necessary.

Prototype of Catoli have been of practical use allover at the Danish hospital.

ECLS = Extracorporeal Life Support,

ECMO = Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation,

ARDS = Adult Respiration Distress Syndrome

The mini-mobile heartlung machine take over the heart and breathing of the patient, outside the body of patient irrespective where.

Aalborg UH received approval of 2020.
Treatment of patient by heart-failure. Dated 29.09.2020.

The prototype of generation 4, often represents life saving results, during thoracic surgical procedures. Also in case of very complex surgery.

Surgery-doctors agree, Catoli has the technique of extracorporeal lung support. The machine represent life-saving results in acute situation improve life or being standby by surgery.

Sometimes patient can´t obtain enough oxygen by normal procedure and die natual death. The prototype of Catoli has given extracorporeal support in the situation.

The general faer of hospital is infectious epidemic, for instance Corona or swineinfluenza.