24. marts 2020


Life requires blood-circulation and/or oxygen.

Acute cardiovascular disease is one of the most frequent causes for death worldwide. Circulatory collapse often occur suddenly and unexpected.

Saving treatment with mechanical support for blood circulation and/or oxygenation is immediately necessary.

ECLS = Extracorporeal life support. ECMO = Extracorporeal membrane Oxygenation, daily language at hospitals. Generally speaking: Taking over the function of the heart or heart/lung.

Hospitals has been using stationary heart/lung machine in years, with the weight more than 300 kg. Patients have to be been brought to the machine.

Groundbreaking development has taking place, the mini-mobile heart/lung machine. Easy to be bring in function, wherever the patient are.

Prototypes of Catoli One has been used for lot of years, development has taking place at Aarhus- and Aalborg University Hospitals.

Prototypes has proved the value by saving life all over Denmark, done the life better for others. Been stand-by for doctors.