24. marts 2020


Foto from the experimental-cellar at Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby.

Working with the prototype of Catoli One generation 2.

Doctor Kjaergaard and his staff wanted to create a mini-mobile heartlung machine, which could not be bought anywhere in the entire world; perfect enough to be number one in the growing prehospital market. Kjaergaard was one of the first doctors worldwide experimenting with the heartlung machine.

One of the first ones had a weight at approximately 45 kg. which was sensational of the time. However, it was too unhandy for the Recue-team to bring outside the hospital. With a weight of 45 kg it was difficult to carry across a long distance towards the patient. Therefore, the aim was a more handy mini-mobile heartlung machine, which was easy to place into a recue-unit and carry across a long distance.

After a long time of development we succeeded and Catoli One came out to with all the needed features and functions both outside as well as inside hospitals. The result was ready as prototype generation 1.

As a former officer, chief-doctor Benedict Kjaergaard, was chief for the rescue-teams at the military-helicopters. By rescue he often lacked a mini-mobile heartlung machine. It had to be small enough to bring with both ambulances and helicopters, because if not recued patients often died within the helicopter or ambulance with the patient and staff was able to arrive to hospital.

The weight of Catoli One today is only app. 5 kg with many more features than before.

The team behind Catoli One have furthermore developed different machines to health care-services. Among these, the first Doctor-Ambulance, together with effects, the first Baby-Ambulance together with effects, and the first Tranfer-vehicles in Denmark. All vehicles was given away to the Region of Northern Jutland in Denmark.

Rescue-Vicheles, helicopters, airplanes, patients, a lot of people and approximately 65 laboratory-swine have been involved in the development.

A single argument:
A handheld machine is quicker for the staff inside the hospitals and unavoidable outside.
Function standing in fluid.
5 kg, inclusive charging (nearest colleague 10 kg.)
Very short time to full function.

Further accessories among other things for Catoli One:
Nurse call-system.
USB-stick for doctors for downloading of informations.
Diverge security-alarms, among these, alarm for missing clutch, etc.