24. marts 2020


Foto from experimental-cellar at Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby.

Photo of perfusionist Connie Nielsen, working with prototype Catoli One generation 2.

Among others, ambulances, planes, helicopters, patients, app. 65 laboratory swine, and human being have been involved in the development.

Prototype of Catoli One is still in process at Aalborg UH, and used by lessons.

The team behind, have furthermore developed different machines to health care-service industri. Among these, the first doctor-Ambulance, together with effects, First Baby-ambulance together with effects, and Tranfer-ambulance in Denmark. All vehicles was given away to the Region of Northern Jutland.

Beside out-of-hospital, has the mini-mobile machine become indispensable. Inside hospital, for example used by incubator, scanning or transplantation at hospitals. The hand-held machine is off-course, quicker for the staff.

Hand-held is necessaty for out-of-hospital equipment, and one of the advantages inside hospital.