24. marts 2020

Foundation, Acknowledgement and Statement

The knowledge and experience told us, the time-limit is without restriction, when human being is suffering, in- and outside hospitals. Therefore it was a job to take care off.

The prototype of handheld mini-mobile heartlung machine was the result of many years of work. The purpose was keeping patients a live, until further treatment at hospital was possible, or continued with patient.

During the development, many new discovery came through, in the year 2020 it was bypass operations without respirator.

The medical driving-force in the project, have been chief-physician Benedict Kjaergaard, Aalborg- and Aarhus UH in Denmark.
The management at Aalborg UH, statement: Benedict Kjaergaard and his staff often save lives, when other doctors have given up.

Acknowledgement of Aarhus UH, Aarhus, Denmark.
Translation: Aarhus UH has received the Award ELSO (Extracorporeal Life Support Organisation) Worldwide accepted, Benchmarking delivery of institutional ECMO support. Advocating got technological and industry-based ECMO delivery and device.

Acknowledgement of Aarhus UH:
Aarhus UH has received 4 pc. donations from Medtronic, based in USA. the last donation in the year 2020. Testing the mini-mobile heartlung machine vs. the stationary machine. Result: Aarhus UH is in the future going to use the mini-mobile machine even more.

Statement by chief-physician Benedict Kjaergaard:
Prototype of Catoli is always packed for outgoing purpose “pronounce kjaergaard”. We never know what we are called fore. He later received the decoration by the royal queen “Knight of Dannebrog”.

Statement by Doctor Martin Noergaard, Aalborg Universityhospital:
Regarding the prototypes: “Prototypen af Mini-mobil hjertelunge maskine redder ikke kun livet for hypothermia patienter, men har også vist sig at være utrolig effektiv ved andre hjertesvigt patienter.”
Translation: The mini-mobile heart/lung machine does not only save life of hypothermia patients, but also have a remarkable efficiency to all other reasons of heart failure.

Statement by Doctor Søren Thomsen, Aalborg Universityhospital:
“Prototypen er en god livsredder at have, nogle patienter har undgået døden i H1N1 epidemien, bedre kendt som svine-influenza”.
Translation: The prototype is a good lifeguard to have. With this machine some patients avoid dead under H1N1 epidemic, better know as swine-flu.

Chief physician Benedict Kjaergaard, is now clinical-lecturer at Aalborg University, Formerly, with very-much frontpage-materiel in the news-papers. Some of the headlines (translated).

From Newspapers:
Benedict Kjaergaard and his staff revived patients given up by others”

“Long death-fight in Limfjorden, the result of gratitude to the miracle-doctor”.

“Danish soldier in Afghanistan survived deadly projectiles”

Accident in Sorø: Andreas was placed on the wharf given up of other doctors. They told Benedict “He is died, a waste of time” but Benedict Kjaergaard connected Andreas to the prototype, he survived and finished the examination”.

“The Prototype has been unavoidable in many situation, “said chief physician Kjaergaard”

“Benedict Kjaergaard dare using methods and other perceive, as crazy or untraditional” “Maybe therefore, we to day has the perfect prototype” said of other surgeries.

Often is Benedict Kjaergaard named as a hero. According to himself he is not just common hospital-doctor.

Aalborg University UH has in many positive ways highlighted the mini-mobile heartlung machine.

Last minuts:
Support-rapport, Aalborg UH dated the 18.09.2020:
In a distance of app. 25km from Aalborg UH, people with heart collapse have a chance to survive, longer distance doubtful. With CATOLI mobile heartlung machine, there is no limit and thereby no question concerning distance.
The 12.06.2021, Copenhagen, match between Finland vs. Denmark:
Footboll-enthusiasts and millions of tv-viewer was witness to heart collapse, can happen everybody. Christian Eriksen is world-famous, agile, 25 years. He was lucky, less than 50m from the accident the doctor watch what´s happen, Christian Eriksen survived.