24. marts 2020


Worldwide acceptance: Aarhus University Hospital has received the ELSO-Award (Extracorporeal Life Support Organization). Benchmarking delivery of institutional ECMO support. Advocating for technological and industry-based ECMO delivery and device.

Even though, the product is made for out-of-hospital reasons,
the advantages is high inside hospital.

Statement: Doctor Martin Noergaard, Aalb. UH, pronounce (in period of prototypes): The mini-mobile heart/lung machine does not only save life of hypothermia patients, have too, a remarkable efficiency to all other reasons of heart failure.

Statement: Doctor Soeren Thomsen, Aalb. UH, pronounce (in period of prototypes): Prototype of Catoli One is a good “lifeguard” to have, some patients avoid dead, under the epidemic H1N1 (better known as swine-influenza).

Aalborg UH´s chief-doctor Benedict Kjaergaard, has received the decoration “Knight of the Dannebrog”.

Aalborg UH: “He raise the limit of death. Where doctors give up, Benedict Kjaergaard save live by the prototype”. www.aalborguh.rn.dk

Aalborg UH has highlighted the mini-mobile Heart/Lung machine.