24. marts 2020


Suffering and independence, the words generally used under the process of development the mini-mobile heartlung machine.

As told before we succeed making the prototype, mini-mobile heartlung machine CATOLI. With the weight of only app. 4 kg. Handheld, in the same time protection bend. Operated only by batteries. The doctors or perfusionists take care of battery-change if necessary, the patient feel whole safely.

Until now have Erik Sørensen been driving force. The development have been very costly, in hours and capital. It´s time for an investor or partner. The procedure is may be untraditional findings investors, but this go for medical equipment, too. The authorities have been too slow, whereupon we do this.

Doctor Benedict Kjaersgaard have been medical driving force in the project, at the time chief for the haertlung depart in Aalborg UniversityHospital, contemporary chief in the Air Force, Denmark. He was head of the staff at Rescue-Helicopters. He was often lack of mini-mobile heartlung machine, himselfe. Because saved patients often was dying before arrival to right treatment at the hospital.

Benedict search for small pump and accessories anywhere in the world, without luck. Benedict and Erik agreed “We have to do it ourselfe”.

According to doctor Jasmeer Soar, London are app. 350.000 people having heart-cardiac arrest in Europa alone, per year outside the hospital with less than 10% survival.

The project became an offer, dkr. 1.770.000 from Innovation Midt/Vest, Herning, Denmark in 2009. Desmissed, becuase it was too early in the process. The same happened with the Chinese via University of Aalborg, Denmark.

One of the first productions had a weight of more than 50 kg. Compared to the stationary, it was a scoop at the time. However, among other things, the weight was too much, and it was too voluminous, we had to roll up one´s sleeves again.

Acknowledgement of Aarhus UH, Aarhus, Denmark.
Translation: Aarhus UH has received the Award ELSO (Extracorporeal Life Support Organisation) Worldwide accepted, Benchmarking delivery of institutional ECMO support. Advocating got technological and industry-based ECMO delivery and device.

Acknowledgement of Aarhus UH:
Aarhus UH has received 4 pc. donations from Medtronic, based in USA. the last donation in the year 2020. Testing the mini-mobile heartlung machine vs. the stationary machine. Result: Aarhus UH is in the future going to use the mini-mobile machine even more.

Statement of the management of Aalborg University Hospital: “Benedict Kjaergaard and his staff often save life where other doctors have given up.”

Statement by chief-physician Benedict Kjaergaard:
Prototype of Catoli is always packed for outgoing purpose “pronounce kjaergaard”. We never know what we are called fore. He later received the decoration by the royal queen “Knight of Dannebrog”.

Statement by Doctor Martin Noergaard, Aalborg Universityhospital:
Regarding the prototypes: “Prototypen af Mini-mobil hjertelunge maskine redder ikke kun livet for hypothermia patienter, men har også vist sig at være utrolig effektiv ved andre hjertesvigt patienter.”
Translation: The mini-mobile heart/lung machine does not only save life of hypothermia patients, but also have a remarkable efficiency to all other reasons of heart failure.

Statement by Doctor Søren Thomsen, Aalborg Universityhospital:
“Prototypen er en god livsredder at have, nogle patienter har undgået døden i H1N1 epidemien, bedre kendt som svine-influenza”.
Translation: The prototype is a good lifeguard to have. With this machine some patients avoid dead under H1N1 epidemic, better know as swine-flu.

Thanks a lot, to the prototype. Only because of the existence survived Britt double heart attack, say Britt from Ellidshøj near Aalborg Denmark. Benedict was sent out to the fieldhospital with the prototype in Afghanistan, a danish soldier was badly wounded in the lungs, survived. Other doctors has given-up a young student by accident in Sorø, near Copenhagen Denmark, Benedict coupled the prototype after this survived the young student and finish his examination. Several more cases.

“The machine, prototype, is indispensable in acute situations” said of Benedict, I´m no hero, as many patient called him, just a normal hospital-doctor. The machine is heart, pump the blood around, it´s cool or heat the blood, or give oxygen, like the lungs.