24. marts 2020

Catoli One

Another important issue for out of hospital equipment is, insolation of vital parts and function standing in liquid. Both goes for Catoli One.

In sector of health, probably the first machine with cabinet made of recycling plastic. Stronger, lighter without missing hygiene.

Catoli One
Measurement: app. in cm, length: 25 cm, high: 15 cm, wide: 18 cm.
Weight: with uploading batteries-sectors, around kg 5.

Catoli One can be fastened to a stretcher, patient or other elements. The bundle is prepared and special straps follow.

The driving force behind the mini-mobile machine have been chief-doctor Benedict Kjaergaard, Aalb. UH/Aarhus UH.

Chinese Cerona: Catoli One could help patients surviving by assisting
the pulmonary function in case of servere ARDS, when ventilatory-support has proven insufficient.