24. marts 2020


Important issues for an out-of-hospital equipment is protection of vitals parts.

The size of Catoli
Dimension: app. in cm, length: 23 cm, height: 15 cm, width: 18 cm. The weight is: only app. 4,0 kg. Included fully load, lift- and protection brace.

Catoli is shaped like a “humble-bee”. The reason why the machine is allowed ro be close to the groin, of every patients.

Two pc. outlet spots, make the machine left/right-hand operated, plus help to placement of the machine.

The machine can bee fasten everywhere, the bundle is prepared for the tiding of straps. (Appear of the dawing) It´s always keeping the bundle flat because of the stability, and no sharp edge.

Often today, a lot of people is helping the patient up into a helicopter. Not necessary anymore, the machine can be fasten to the stretcher, or the weight alow even to the stomach of the patient.

Of the drawing, strap-holes appear in side of the front- and rear end.

The self supplied machine, able to catch in one hand, carried to the user.

Aarhus UH has received 4 pc. donations from the USA based company, Medtronic, testing a similar vs. the stationary machine. The result was: Aarhus UH now using the mini-mobile heartlung machine more permanently.

Prototype has long time ago, proven it´s “value for money” at several Danish hospitals in-out side.

New object: doctor-rapport confirm prototypes.

The Danish Organ Assocosations, Chairman Karin Riis Joergensen: “to avoid damage of Organs by heart-dead must
the must the new machine be coupled to patient few after minutes after dead”.