24. marts 2020

Catoli One generation 4

Another important issues for out-of-hospital equipment is insulation of vital parts inside the machine as well as the ability to hold liquid out, both goes for Catoli One which have function standing in liquid.

In the health sector, this is probably the first machine with a cabinet made of recycling plastic. The machine is stronger and lighter without compromising hygiene.

Catoli One
Dimension: app. in cm, length: 25 cm, height: 15 cm, width: 18 cm Weight: with uploading batteries, around 5 kg.

It is shaped like a “humble-bee” for adjusted to the groin of patient.

Catoli One can be fastened to the patient, to a stretcher or other elements.
The bundle is of the machine is prepared for speciel straps. No problem to the patient or for the securing because the bundle is always plane there is slices in the bottom for the straps. No trouble with sharp edges.

The low-weight and the above mentioned fixation of the machine helps the patient up into the rescue helicopter, airplane or ambulance, avoiding all to many people around the stretcher.

Catoli One could help patients survive by assisting the pulmonary function in case of severe ARDS when ventilatory support is insufficient.

(ADRS = Acute Distress Respiratory Syndrome)

Respirator: breathing-problems is often the course of death.

Catoli One is a user-innovation product.