24. marts 2020

Catoli One generation 4

An important issues for out-of-hospital equipment is protection of vitals parts, goes for inside too. Catoli One is insolated, and impossible to enter.

Probably the first machine in heath sector with a cabinet made of recycling plastic. The machine is stronger and lighter without compromising hygiene.

Probably the first equipment for the prehospital area with so many years of experience with prototypes which suits the use out- and inside-hospital.

Probably the first device protection the inlet.

Probably the first device with full function standing in liquid.

Probably the first hand-hold equipment ever seen in the entire-world.

Probably the first prehospital and hospital device, which is complete self-sufficient with power.

The size of Catoli One
Dimension: app. in cm, length: 23 cm, height: 15 cm, width: 18 cm. The weight is: only app. 4,0 kg. Included fully load, lift- and protection brace.

The security is priority “top-class” equipment nothing like it, whatsoever.

Catoli is shaped like a “humble-bee”. The reason why the machine is allowed ro be close to the groin. Nothing hanged on the wall of engine for the staff adjusted to the groin of patients.

The Catoli can be fasted everywhere. The Bundle is prepared, it´s always flat for the stability and no sharp edge around. Often seen today a lot of people helping the patient up into a helicopter, it´not necessary when the machine is fasten to the stretcher or stomach of the patient.

Strap-holes (appear of the drawing) in front- and rear end.

Aarhus UH has received 4 pc. donations from the USA based company, Medtronic, for testing a similar machine like above vs the stationary machine,

The result was: that Aarhus UH is going to use the mini heartlung machine permanent.

The weight and the above mentioned fixation helps the patient into the rescue- helicopter, airplane or ambulance, avoiding all to many people around the stretcher.

The low-weight not only maintain the machine to stomach, but allow the self-supplied Catoli able to catching in one hand, extremely qualified into the area of prehospital.

Catoli One is an enduser-innovation product, opposite factory product.

Prototype has long time ago, proven it´s “value for money” at several Danish hospitals as well as outdoor.

New object: doctor-rapport confirm prototype can go into a scanner.

Catoli One could help patients survive by assisting the patient safety for treatment at hospital in case of ARDS, when ventilatory support is insufficient.