24. marts 2020


So far, we consider there is no alternative to the Catoli in the entire world, in fact no one at all.

It was a great idea to go for batteries-running. We succeed to have 100% certainty with batteries. No falling out of electrical power for the patient.

The problem with lack of electrical-power inside hospital all over. The reason why some colleagues have tried to give their own device more effect, unfortunetely not at all enough.

Catoli and Maquet can be delivered with a rack, special for inside-use. Maquet have to day an other system than before. The small Pump and Oxygenator is connected, today. have to bee used and bought together. Prototype of Catoli has low weight, and the best in ground. It do´nt have any patient time-limit, it´s able to hang-up the wall in rescue-unit or so, it´s independent of wire, it´s isolated, it´s possibility placering it in rucksack, in this way have the staff wants hands-free.

The machine of Zoll is advertising an ambulance from the behind. the ambulance-driver helping Zoll midical machine up into the ambulance with the knee, in fact it´s two-persons machine. Today, both taken over by USA and Swedish based companies. Catoli is a Danish company.

The prototype of mini-mobile heartlung machine Catoli have:

Mesuring of blood flow
Rotation control
Bubble detection
Protection of inlet to the centrifugal pump
Two outlets, protected, left and right
Reversible display
Finger touch screen
Function i water
Very easy cleaning
Isolation of vital parts
Hooks for safety-belts

Probably the first device made of doctors.
Probably the first device having full function standing in water/liquid.
Probably the first device with low weight, whereby not so many helpers are required, for instance when lifting the patient up into helicopter.
Probably the first device tiding everywhere.
Probably the first device with straps, the bottom of the device maintain plane bottom, when and after the straps has been used.
Probably the first device been so much tested.