24. marts 2020


So far, we believe there is no alternative to the Catoli in the entire world, in fact no one all over. We consider only two products as real competitor,

Some figures of the two competitors vs. Catoli:
Catoli has app. 4 kg, Maquet 10 kg and Zoll has 18 kg.
Catoli and Maquet can be dilevered with racks, Zoll is too heavy, it´s not included in the above mentioned weight.
It´s very important to have low weight as possible, for out-of-hospital equipment.

Catoli can be at the wall of rescue-vehicle, naturally on a rack, too. Maquet, often appear with the rack. Zoll is using an amblance from behind, with the driver loading the machine, with the knee. In fact, it is two-persons machine.

Catoli, the only one with liberated for conventional power-system.
Catoli have function “when every thing else don´t work”. Other supplier to hospitals has realized necessity of having self-sufficient build into their equipment, but not enough, only up to 15%. Catoli is 100% self-sufficient, no-limit.

Re. doctors: Emergency-accident is going to happen, in spite of more emergency to the power system, in modern new buildings.

Among others, is following Catolis standard equipment, wich is no necessity of others:
Turn-a-round display
Bladder temperature measurement
Function standing in liquid
Insulation of vital parts
Can be tauted all locality, ex. on stomach, stretcher, on rocks.

The two alternatives is both originated in Germany. Today, is both taken over by USA and Swedish based companies. Catoli is a Danish company.