24. marts 2020


So far, we believe there is no alternative to the Catoli One generation 4 in the entire world. In fact no one at all, so far, we consider only two products as competitor.

The Catoli is the really one having real environment equipment, as:

Insulation of vital parts.
The smallest and lightest.
Function standing in liquid.
Put forward into rucksack.
Maintain in lock position, all over
Finger-touch switches.

The only one liberated for conventional power system. Catoli One have function “when every thing else do┬┤nt work”. It will happen, particular on new hospitals, too, in spite of more energency to the power system.

Standard is of course USB-stick, as well as boble-detection.
Measurement of bladder-temperature on the turn-a-round display.

Please remember, really prehospital equipment require very special devices.

Out of hospital have been the main point, but the Catoli One is perfect inside hospital, too.

The two alternatives is both originated in Germany. Today, taken over by USA and Swedish based companies.

In the year 2021 we are going to change the name from Catoli One to Catoli Two. but it is still the smallest machine made out of hospital, full usefully inside hospital, too, included a lot of accessories. Intentionally there is app. 6 kilogram between the nearest competitor to new Catoli Two. Very welcome argument for out of hospital equipment.