4. maj 2020


So far Erik Sørensen has been financing the project and prototypes.

It´s time for an investor or partner. From the prototypes, generation 1, 2, and 3, we calculated generation 4, as commercial model and now we are soon be ready to produce Catoli Two.

After near 15 years there will be a lot of experience to produce after.

The method of investment is untraditional, advanced medical equipment as well.

For years ago, year 2009, we become an offer of dkr. 1.770.000 from Innovation Midt/Vest, 7400 Herning Denmark, Even though it was their max. amount, we refused, because it was to early in the development. Later we had Chinese-interesting, through Aalborg University, it was refused, too.

The estimation of the company-value is: dkr. 20 million or euro 2.700.000. A approval of Catoli Two will probably raise-up the value of the company.

The market: New regulations is exposed until year 2021 because of covid-19, the new rules apply to all. The finish of production depend of Authorities, how will they handle Clinical-test.

Erik Sørensen can be contacted by e-mail: es@catoli.dk