4. maj 2020


Until today, Erik Sørensen has been primus motor, in this way financed the whole project alone, prototypes as well.

Under the process he dicovered the advantage of Catoli machine and Organ-technology. In the same time comply the wish from Ethical Council and french organ-doctors, without influence of the price of production. Have a look at www.orcama.dk

It´s time to have investors or partners.

The method for investment is untraditional, advanced medical equipment as well.

For years ago, year 2009, we become an offer of dkr. 1.770.000 from Innovation center Midt/Vest, 7400 Herning Denmark. Even though, it this was the biggest amount they could handle, it was rejected.

The same situation happened later, when Chinese-investors showed-up at Aalborg University. we refused both, because it was too early in the development.

With only half of the weight from the closest rival has the hospitals finished more tasks by Catoli.

Revolutions has often been permanent solutions.

The worst possible catastrophe in hospitals is epidemic, for the time being it´s Corona. The Catoli will ex. be in position transporting COVID-19 patients direct from the spot to respiration.

By Scanning of specialtype of patients have Catoli proofed value, a lot of other doings has proven Catolis efficient.

Catoli is effective, investment worth.

The valuation to day of the company is DAK 20 million or EURO 2.700.000.

Naturrally, we have an estimation.

Erik Sørensen can be contacted by e-mail: es@catoli.dk